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Description: These games are the absolute cream of the crop of our Import PC Games section, as they provide a real world interactive environment. These games allow you to directly touch, grope, fuck, prod, play with the girls, and watch how they react to your naughty advances! These games are import titles (just like the titles in the Import PC Games section), and while they are subject to the same requirements for game installation / playback, some of them do have English / Uncensored patches included.
Items: 8 Total Size: 17.13 gb Hits: 21 Last Updated: 10-Sep
Description: These games are import titles delivered to you straight from the hentai game shops of Japan! These games are in Japanese and are censored, and must be installed with Japanese Language Support enabled on your computer. They can only be installed on Windows operating systems, and must be installed using a disk emulator.
Items: 33 Total Size: 57.58 gb Hits: 1,734,387 Last Updated: 25-Aug

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